In 2013, we brought Melissa to Malaysia with the first opening of our first outlet in One Utama Shopping Mall. In 2017, we want to expand in all states in Malaysia, through opening of our franchising, dealers and wholesalers opportunities.
Our business performance has exceeded our expectations, thanks to the support that we have received from the world’s best fans.
We believe it’s time to bring Melissa to the people and we are inviting our fans to join in on our journey with our brand.

Own Your Piece of Melissa

  • You can own a piece of Melissa through our investment opportunity. Have you ever dreamed about owning your boutique store with opportunities to work with fashion like-minded people?
  • Opportunities will be on a first come first basis.
  • We are offering a world-class partnership program with ongoing support to our franchisees, dealers, wholesalers and we will walk you through each step of the program process to secure your success.

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